Fredericksburg Area Woodworkers Guild

Our Wood Working Guild “The Fredericksburg Area Woodworkers Guild” held it’s 1st Annual Clock Making Competition at Spencer Devon Brewery in Fredericksburg VA. It was a great event to be a part of. We have a group of very talented local Artisans in our Community.



Fredericksburg Area Woodworkers Guild Opening Night at “Liberty Town Arts Workshop”



As anyone with an eye for décor would tell you, the pieces of art that give a space personality don’t necessarily have to hang on the wall. And no one would agree with this statement more than the members of the Fredericksburg Area Woodworkers Guild.

The guild, which had its first official meeting last November, came to fruition after years of discussion between local woodworkers Tim Eggers and Curtis Fitzgerald. They felt the Fredericksburg area needed a place for them and other locals interested in woodworking to gather, discuss and learn from each other, with the goal of making Fredericksburg a destination for woodwork connoisseurs.

The meetings are designed to provide members with an opportunity to learn more about the craft, as well as offer a venue to show their own work and share their skills. Each meeting includes a demonstration of some technique from a local artisan; a show-and-tell portion, where members are encouraged to bring in their latest project; and a tool swap, where members are welcome to trade or sell old tools. Membership is open to anyone, no matter their level of expertise, and is free.

To showcase the wide variety of talent among the members of the guild, Liberty Town Arts Workshop will display an exhibit of about 60 pieces made by 25 members of the Fredericksburg Area Woodworkers Guild through Sept. 1. The exhibit includes ring jewelry, desks, tables, chairs, musical instruments, birdhouses and other pieces, all of which will be available for sale.

Tim Eggers, who has a studio at LibertyTown, will feature some of his own work as part of the exhibit. He said that he first began to pick up his woodworking skills when he worked at a furniture manufacturer during college, but did not seriously pursue woodworking artistically until he bought a house and wanted to furnish it his own way.

One of his more striking pieces is an end table that seems rather unremarkable except for the fact that one of its four legs is a tree branch, bark and all. Eggers said he had been walking in a pasture when he came across the branch, and he knew he had to use it in one of his pieces.

“Anyone can go to Powell’s Furniture and buy a table with four perfect legs,” Eggers said. He prefers the whimsical touch the branch adds to the table, although he admits that people’s reactions are very hit-or-miss with it. Some people have even offered to buy the table—if he would agree to “fix” the fourth leg.

“They either see the humor or they don’t get it,” Eggers said. “Most people appreciate the art. ”This exhibit at Liberty Town, Eggers hopes, will give the guild the exposure it deserves as an important new part of the Fredericksburg art community by making local art lovers more aware of the artistic possibilities woodworking has to offer, as well as providing the woodworkers a chance to display and market their skills.

The Fredericksburg Area Woodworkers Guild will have their pieces on display from July 5th 2013 Until Sept 1, 2013

Liberty Town Art Workshop 916 Liberty Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401 540-371-7255

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Fredericksburg Area Woodworkers Guild

Do you want to meet some of the best woodworkers in the area?

Do you need something to do the 1st Saturday of every Month??

Greetings fellow Woodworkers, for a few years now, Fredericksburg Va. needed a local place for like-minded woodworkers to meet, to discuss, and share various aspects of woodworking. If you’re a beginner, intermediate, or professional woodworker you have come to the right place. We have one of the best resources for you:

The Fredericksburg Area Woodworkers Guild!!

These meetings will be held the 1st Saturday of every Month. From 8:30am-untill-10:30am


The Workshop 

1104 Summit Street

Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408



We will have demonstrations each and every Month, some by local artisans, some by local woodworking instructors. You are also encouraged to volunteer to present a particular technique at the Monthly meeting.

These demos could be with flat work, turnings, carving, finishing techniques, pyrography, or any other woodworking related skill.

Show & Tell

We will have a table set up for Show & Tell. Bring in your latest project that others might find interesting. Or an older project that you would just like to show off.

Tool Swap

If you have an old tool that you would like to sell, or trade, bring it with you. There will be a table set up to Buy & Sell tools. Hand Tools as well as larger tools are welcome. Whatever transactions you decide upon are between you and the other party.

So come on out!!  Grab a cup of coffee, bring a smile, learn a skill, share a technique, trade some tools, buy some wood, bring a project, and meet some of the area’s best woodworkers!!

Bring your Business Cards to share

Who wouldn’t want to meet at a place where they sell wood? It’s like Christmas there every day.

RSVP is not necessary & No Membership Fees !   We look forward to seeing you there

Additional Contact Information: 

Tim Eggers High Wheel Wood Works 540-287-8575

Walt Lenar Dreamworkswoodshop dreamworkswoodshop@gmail,com 540-834-6894


Stools by Mark Morgan 1

What an incredible and inspirational video by Mark Morgan. Mr. Sentayehu Teshale is truly an inspiration not only to craftsman, but to what the human body and spirit is capable of when you allow your heart, and  passion to overcome your disabilities.

Sentayehu Teshale is a true craftsman.  Mulugeta Gebrekidan, one of the work shop students came up with the idea to film him at work. Sometimes you can see Sentayehu working in public around Addis Ababa.

“Sing a Simple Song” by The Budos Band


Band Saw Clinic with Alex Snodgrass

I recently had the opportunity to meet Alex Snodgrass from Carter Products at one of the Woodworking Shows, and attended his band saw tune up clinic. I was amazed as to how he made it look so simple.  I currently own a Powermatic 14 inch band saw and found his tips and techniques to be some of the best. Of course, you can’t leave any woodworking show with out a few new woodworking toys. I purchased 2 of the Carter band saw blades one for general work, and one for re-sawing. I also replaced my stock fence with their trademark MAGFENCE. The fence is simple to use and it made re-sawing matched bookends a breeze.  If you’re at a woodworking show and Alex Snodgrass from Carter Products is there, take the time to visit their booth and check out his band saw tune up clinic and their great product line, you won’t be disappointed.

Until you can get to a show in person, enjoy this video with Alex Snodgrass from Carter Tools as he demonstrates how to adjust your Band Saw for optimal performance

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The woodworking and D.I.Y. Show

Greetings Fellow Woodworkers !

Well that big day finally arrived !! The one I’ve been saving my extra change for, working overtime. “The Woodworking and D.I.Y. Show”. If your anything like most woodworkers just the initial excitement of walking into the show room seeing vendors with wall to wall tools, and product demonstrations for as far as the eye can see was well worth the wait.

I felt  like a kid in a candy store, holding on to that almighty dollar while looking for that special priced tool or jig, maybe an upgrade to my hand or power tool collection. But what ?  then at the same time the logical part of me is just trying to justify why do I need it ??  Or maybe , I can just find that latest and greatest jig that simplifies a project.

I must say I wasn’t disappointed, and did find a few bargains.  I not only found some great deals on tools but enjoyed many instructional demonstrations and classes from Tuning Your Band Saw, Wood Turning In Color, Cabinet Building, and Finishing  just to name a few.

There was one booth in the show that I really enjoyed, it was a local club called (RATS) Richmond Antique Tools Society. I spent a few days going back and forth to the booth talking with a craftsman I’ll just give his first name Richard. I learned more about antique hand planes, tuning and sharpening techniques, and the history of various traditional hand planes then I thought possible in a short weekend.   As I watched a few of the hand tool demonstrations and sharpening techniques, I knew I wanted to join this club. Every member I met had great knowledge of antique tools, as well the art and craftsmanship they were used for. If you live in the Richmond area this is a club you may want to check out. They made me  feel welcome from the moment I visited the booth..

For more information about the Richmond Antique Tool Society ( RATS ) or  membership  located  in Richmond Virginia, visit their website at:

I’m looking forward to joining just to sharpen : )  my knowledge of traditional antique hand planes, antique tools, and early american craftsmanship. Attached are a few pictures below..

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Christmas Shopping?

Happy Holidays Fellow Woodworkers !

If your anything like me, then your  always wanting to upgrade your tools or add new tools to your collection.  With Christmas here its one of the best times of the year to find some great deals.  Plus it’s an excuse to buy something,  it’s Christmas : )  We are very excited to be partnered with some great affiliates that can help fill that stocking. From large shop tools to precision hand tools. Your support and purchases made through our affiliate’s on our home page are very much appreciated.

Remember if it’s just a small gift you’re looking for,  a gift card makes a great  “Surprise”  stocking stuffer.

Your just a click away … so visit our affiliates on our home page today and get that special someone the gift they didn’t expect..

Wishing you and yours all the best this holiday season,


Dream Works Wood Shop

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