Mid Century ~ Bar Stools

Children’s Walnut Rocking Chair Build

This was a fun build! I’ve made several of these children’s rocking chairs off a template pattern I redesigned. The cool thing about this joinery is you can fold this rocking chair up and store it when it’s not in use. The first one I did was for my grandson in South Carolina for a Christmas present, it was awesome fun to make. This one was also a gift for another one of our grandson’s celebrating his 1st birthday. I thought I would share it. 😀 I’ve always enjoyed building blended wood furniture showcasing the beauty of the combine species of wood and grain patterns. This one being a solid walnut rocking chair was one of the few single species pieces I’ve made “Pretty Cool” I’ve posted a short build video on my YouTube channel. Make it a great day and be safe friends✌️

Work Bench Build

Coming together!

Roughing out some chair backs

Drill Press Tips

Table Saw Repetitive Cuts

Playing Catch Up!

Beautiful Day!

Bar Stool Build # 4


Bar Stool Build # 3

Bar Stool Build #2

Bar Stool Build #1

Bar Stool Build – Planning

Lamp Challenge

Thanks for the shout out Festool!

I was loving this live presentation and the shout out at the end! Thanks Festool!

Gentleman’s Tool Chest

“Children’s Fold up Rocking Chair”

Having some fun with Roy Underhill

Finished- Chest Of Drawers

Artisan Festival

Matching Chest of Drawers….

Ambrosia Maple Mirror Frame

8th Annual A Smith Bowman Distillery “Fathers Day Festival”

Band-Saw Tune up Time..

Love this Ambrosia Maple!!

James Wright – Wood BY Wright

It was great to have James Wright visit our Fredericksburg Area Woodworkers Guild Meeting and talk about cutting Dovetails. This was a presentation he gave at the Fredericksburg Area Woodworking Guild on Feb. 3rd 2018. It was his goal to encourage people not to be afraid to mess up, but be ready for it and embrace it, as a step along the path. It’s is about the fun, not the project. This is a must watch. We’ve all been there cutting that 1st Dovetail..

Thanks James, for your presentation, and inspiration, you are always welcome to stop by when your in the area. Hope to see you in the Fredericksburg area again soon..

“A Day In The Shop” Part II Built-Ins

This was a fun build, You can find the completed picture in ” Hand Made in the USA” Video ~


“A Day In The Shop” Part # 1 Built-Ins

I thought I would have some fun with some taped footage during a day in the shop. Project: Dining Room Built-In Shelves