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Work Bench Update

My work bench is taking shape, I need to decide on dog hole locations, holdfasts, and a leg vise. I’m not sure as to an end vice. I will add dog holes as I need them just put a few in the front for work hold downs and go from there. The location of the dog holes will be decided after I get my holdfast to get a better idea on a lay out measurement.

Work Bench Build


Gentleman’s Tool Chest

“Children’s Fold up Rocking Chair”

Having some fun with Roy Underhill

Finished- Chest Of Drawers

Artisan Festival

Matching Chest of Drawers….

Ambrosia Maple Mirror Frame

8th Annual A Smith Bowman Distillery “Fathers Day Festival”

Band-Saw Tune up Time..

Christmas Shopping?

Happy Holidays Fellow Woodworkers !

If your anything like me, then your  always wanting to upgrade your tools or add new tools to your collection.  With Christmas here its one of the best times of the year to find some great deals.  Plus it’s an excuse to buy something,  it’s Christmas : )  We are very excited to be partnered with some great affiliates that can help fill that stocking. From large shop tools to precision hand tools. Your support and purchases made through our affiliate’s on our home page are very much appreciated.

Remember if it’s just a small gift you’re looking for,  a gift card makes a great  “Surprise”  stocking stuffer.

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Wishing you and yours all the best this holiday season,


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Old man winter is right around the corner

It’s that time of the year again, when woodworkers are starting to hibernate in their work shops searching through books, and plans, getting  ideas for those winter projects. Lets see Christmas is right around the corner, just a couple of Months away. I have four, count them four, grandchildren now. I must admit its been a busy year for new additions to our family.  The oldest just a bit over three years old, the youngest a few days old.

I remember when I was just starting to get into woodworking, I always said ” One day I’ll be making a few things for my grandchildren ” that day has arrived.  But what?  a rocking horse, a toy chest, a rocking chair, I’m full of ideas and really need to get started.  The great thing about our craft is what ever we choose to build that one of a kind gift will stand alone and always have special meaning.  Take the time to find that special gift you can build for that special someone in your life…

I hope you continue to follow my blog,

Thanks for taking the time to stop by…. Dream Works Wood Shop