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My shop is about 750 Square feet and has most of what I need to get lost for hours.  I have an additional 250 square feet that can be converted at a later time, maybe into a finishing area. Most purchases I make these days are upgrades in tools, and materials to run the shop.  I believe that any shop you set up needs to be arranged so it’s functional. These are a few tips that have helped me as I went through the process. I hope they can be of some help to you.

Develop a layout that works for your type of woodworking. Machine placement is important, but I also feel it’s based on (in part) on the type of woodworking you do. If you’re a cabinet-maker, or you build furniture, you’re going to need clearance around your machines to handle large stock and sheet goods. If you do carving, or you do work with a scroll saw your area would be set up different.

A few other things to take into consideration while setting up your shop that are also very important are adequate lighting, and proper wiring. Providing enough circuits to run your shop safely.  I installed a separate 100 amp sub panel just for the shop, with easy to reach bench and floor outlets

  • Machine set up is also very important to work flow. When a shop is set up properly you avoid running around the shop to accomplish the same tasks.
  • Lighting: I use energy saving cool white fluorescent lighting, 19 total units,  each unit has (2) four-foot tubes per fixture with T-8 32 watts.
  • Heating / Cooling/ Ventilation: Provide a comfortable working environment. My shop is set up with Central A/C and Gas Forced Heat.
  • Dust Collection and Air Filtration Systems: I currently use a 2 HP Grizzley dust collector (2) stage unit, and a (1) horse power single stage Delta dust collector. They are both set up with blast gates for each individual machine.
  • Air Filtration System: I’m currently using  a JET 3 speed Air Filtration System, and a small Shop-Vac Air Filtration system.
  • Safety Is very important:  I have 3 shop fire extinguishers, and a first aid kit stocked and readily available.  Don’t take your safety and  others around you for granted when you’re enjoying time working in the shop.   Always use proper safety protection for eye’s, ear’s, ventilation, and dust mask protection. Good habits are hard to break, get into a habit of  putting safety first and all your shop time will be enjoyable.
  • In Conclusion :  Like most woodworking shops, It’s a work in progress. I’m always trying to improve my work space while finding new ways for storage and keeping everything organized.