The woodworking and D.I.Y. Show

Greetings Fellow Woodworkers !

Well that big day finally arrived !! The one I’ve been saving my extra change for, working overtime. “The Woodworking and D.I.Y. Show”. If your anything like most woodworkers just the initial excitement of walking into the show room seeing vendors with wall to wall tools, and product demonstrations for as far as the eye can see was well worth the wait.

I felt  like a kid in a candy store, holding on to that almighty dollar while looking for that special priced tool or jig, maybe an upgrade to my hand or power tool collection. But what ?  then at the same time the logical part of me is just trying to justify why do I need it ??  Or maybe , I can just find that latest and greatest jig that simplifies a project.

I must say I wasn’t disappointed, and did find a few bargains.  I not only found some great deals on tools but enjoyed many instructional demonstrations and classes from Tuning Your Band Saw, Wood Turning In Color, Cabinet Building, and Finishing  just to name a few.

There was one booth in the show that I really enjoyed, it was a local club called (RATS) Richmond Antique Tools Society. I spent a few days going back and forth to the booth talking with a craftsman I’ll just give his first name Richard. I learned more about antique hand planes, tuning and sharpening techniques, and the history of various traditional hand planes then I thought possible in a short weekend.   As I watched a few of the hand tool demonstrations and sharpening techniques, I knew I wanted to join this club. Every member I met had great knowledge of antique tools, as well the art and craftsmanship they were used for. If you live in the Richmond area this is a club you may want to check out. They made me  feel welcome from the moment I visited the booth..

For more information about the Richmond Antique Tool Society ( RATS ) or  membership  located  in Richmond Virginia, visit their website at:

I’m looking forward to joining just to sharpen : )  my knowledge of traditional antique hand planes, antique tools, and early american craftsmanship. Attached are a few pictures below..

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