The Highland Woodworker – Episode 19

19 Jul

Its time for another Great Episode of “The Highland Woodworker” So get that cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy this new show as Chuck spends some time with A Moment with The Masters !!

MOMENT WITH A MASTER: Peter Galbert is a specialty toolmaker, teacher, sketch artist, author and an authority in Windsor chairmaking! He shares his wonderful story, and shows us how he splits out oak bows and spindles! You’ve got to see this!

FEATURE: Handworks 2015 — Christopher Schwarz said it best when he described it as, “The Woodstock of Hand Tool Woodworking!” We take you inside, outside and all around the event!

POP WOOD’S TIPS, TRICKS & TECHNIQUES: Transferring interior patterns can be tricky. David Thiel has uses two cheap tools you can get at an office supply or fabric store.

TOOL BOX: We dive into Peter Galbert’s new book “Chairmaker’s Notebook.” See why this would be a great addition to your woodworking library.

These stories and more — this time on The Highland Woodworker!


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