The Highland Woodworker – Episode 13

01 Jul

It’s Time For Another Great Episode by “The Highland Woodworker”

So find a comfortable chair get a cup of coffee and enjoy !

Moment with a Master: Glen Huey is a marvelous period furniture maker, author and magazine editor. He invited us to his Cincinnati workshop to talk about his humble beginnings as a woodworker and the road he took to becoming a senior staff member of one of the most popular woodworking magazines on the stands . Plus, wait until you see

Feature: An amazing masterpiece in the making! Wood Artist, Scott Thompson, carved out some time for us and gives us a sneak peek at his McIntire Chest on Chest project in progress.

Popular Woodworking Magazine’s Tips, Tricks & Techniques: Megan Fitzpatrick quickly gives you the edge to help terminate handplane tear-out! You won’t believe how quick and easy this almost full proof solution is!

Generation Next: Jalen Waggoner took on a Sam Maloof Inspired low back chair, a Greene and Greene arm chair and game table and did it masterfully…and he’s not even out of high school! You just have to hear his inspiring story!

Tool Box: We put Rikon’s 12″ Helical Planer/Jointer to the test.
See how these special cutters handle our wide boards!

All of this and more…this time on “The Highland Woodworker!”


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