The Highland Woodworker – Episode 11

28 Feb

It’s Time For Another Great Episode by “The Highland Woodworker” So find a comfortable chair get a cup of coffee and enjoy !


His early interest in woodworking surrounded the table saw, but woodworkers would arguably agree, Christopher Schwarz has become to hand tools what Norm Abrams has been to power tools! Find out how he became the most popular person in the room at any woodworking event.


“Horsin Around” resulted in a community carving project to end them all. We’ll show you how sculptor Larry Ridge and the people of Chattanooga, Tennessee worked together to carve all the animals to refurbish an 1895 carousel for a city park.

Popular Woodworking Magazine’s:

Tips, Tricks & Techniques: Chuck Bender teaches us how to make a bead on a board from scratch!

Generation Next:

This is our newest segment focusing on the stories of talented, young woodworkers who may be the next generation of master woodworkers. Ian Grundner is a talented sculptural furniture maker who is illuminating a new path.

All of this and more this time on THE HIGHLAND WOODWORKER !!

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