Highland Woodworker Episode 10

18 Nov

It’s Time For Another Great Episode by “The Highland Woodworker” So find a comfortable chair get a cup of coffee and enjoy !

Feature: Tim Hintz builds “Fresh Chairs” from a tree. Watch Tim’s method as he splits, shaves and bends the parts and assembles them into a “Good Sitting Chair.”

Moment with a Master: Cabinetmaker and woodworking author Jim Tolpin tells us how the allure of building boats led him from a life as a geophysicist to working with his hands and mind. Jim explains designing furniture proportionately using ratios.

Tool Box:  We’ll demonstrate how a series of edge forming bits can be used to make a beautiful tall moulding.

Popular Woodworking Magazine’s Tips, Tricks and Techniques: Bob Lang demystifies through cutting a series of through mortises.

Woodworker’s Community Spotlight: It is time to go underground to “Matt’s Basement Workshop” to find out how Matt Vanderlist a.k.a. the “Podfather of Woodworking” has built a go to site for woodworkers.

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