Highland Woodworker Episode 9

18 Oct

Sit back, get a cup of coffee, and enjoy another Great Episode by  ” The Highland Woodworker “

Feature: A Highland Woodworker Exclusive! What happens when Master Woodworkers Don Williams, Christopher Schwarz and Jeff Miller team up with other inspired craftsmen in a small Georgia town? The Great Roubo Bench Build! Hear from this all star cast on the importance of this event, and why Roubo’s design from centuries ago, still hold up today!

Moment with a Master: Sculptural Woodworker, Brad Sells, invites us into his Bark Studio in Cookeville, Tennessee. His stunning masterpieces have been showcased in a dozen prestigious museums, including the Museum of Art & Design in NYC and the Smithsonian Institution. He gives the Highland Woodworker an up close look at how intense these stunning sculptures are to create, and the amazing lengths he goes to in order to find the perfect tree to build them from.

Tool Box: Find out if the proposal of putting a Triton 3.25 router together with a Kreg router table makes for a sweet marriage.

Popular Woodworking Magazine’s Tips, Tricks and Techniques: Are you running into a dead end trying to keep the live edge on your board? Steve Shanesy has a great technique that will breathe new life into your project!

Woodworker’s Community Spotlight: We are shining the light on the Cumberland Furniture Guild. See why they just might be the perfect group for you!

All of this and more on this episode of THE HIGHLAND WOODWORKER!

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