The Highland Woodworker Episode 6

16 Apr

Sit back and enjoy another episode from Charles Brock and the Highland Woodworker !!

  •  Moment with a Master: We visit chairmaker Jeff Miller at his Windy City workshop. Wait until you see his latest project. It’s a chair twenty years in the making. Jeff opens up to the Highland Woodworker about his early days as a professional musician and a diagnosis that made him put down his trumpet and pick up his hand tools.
  •  Popular Woodworking Magazine’s Tips, Tricks & Techniques: Hand Tool Expert Chris Schwarz calls them his “Redneck Planing Jigs” we call them “Plane Simple!” You don’t want to miss these great workbench workarounds!
  • Roubo Remake: Roubo style workbenches are the rage. Highland Woodworking’s new Roubo bench tops are being produced by Craft-Art. We’ll take you there and watch the exciting process from wood selection to the finished piece!
  • Tool Box: It’s known as the safest table saw on the market. You know it as SawStop. We are giving you an overview of some of it’s great features. Plus, Roy Underhill demonstrates its safety features with a very odd object!
  • Woodworker’s Community Spotlight: We’re shining the light on “The Wood Whisperer.” See why this community is making a lot of noise! Find out how you can get involved.

All of this and more on “The Highland Woodworker!”


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