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About Me

Dream Works Wood Shop was started in 2010. I’ve always had a passion for woodworking, and design. What’s really ironic, I choose to take a different route earlier in my life attending a trade school and working  in the HVAC field instead.  I was employed at the United States Capitol for 10 years as a Senate Engineer.  Although I really enjoyed working on Capitol Hill, I decided to leave and start my own business doing commercial  and residential work  in the HVAC field.

My entrepreneur spirit has always challenged me to grow as an individual. Between my time spent in the HVAC field, Coaching, and working as a Commercial Sales Consultant, I still had this passion, this dream to fulfill. Woodworking !!

I  remember helping my dad when I was young build a few woodworking projects. Dad put 20 years in the Army and another 20 in as a  Federal Police Officer.  He didn’t choose woodworking  for a career, but he enjoyed woodworking  and displaying  many of his woodworking projects around the house. He loved making furniture and small pieces for family and friends. My dad didn’t have a dedicated work shop, he did most of his work on the back patio with a portable contractors saw and a few hand tools. His love for woodworking inspired me when I was young, and has stayed with me. That’s when the woodworking bug bit me……

Dream Works Wood Shop received it’s name from my wife Karen.  She felt that name would be a great fit for a shop, while also fulfilling a [dream] I’ve had for a long time. At Dream Works Wood Shop I combine the use of power tools, and traditional hand tools, to design and create custom individual pieces for indoor and outdoor use. Every piece produced is different even in a slight way, while employing sound construction techniques to ensure the item becomes a family heirloom.

I hope through my blog, podcast videos, educational content, and various woodworking and blog sites, I can inspire more people to get  involved in the art of woodworking to share and exchange their ideas.

I really enjoy sharing that same passion my dad had instilled in me ” Building that one of a kind piece”  that piece I can share with others, or pass down to my children, family, and grandchildren. ” If you can Dream it you can Build It “

Be safe,


Note: Dream Works Wood Shop is a affiliated with the following organizations : Richmond Antique Tool Society, Fredericksburg Area Wood Workers Guild, The Wood Whisperer Guild,  American Craft Council.



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